Xiaomi industrial chain concept stocks rose first, Lansi technology and other stocks followed

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Xiaomi's annual flagship conference will be held in Shenzhen on May 31. The new products identified include Xiaomi 8, miui10 and Xiaomi Bracelet 3. Officials have suggested that Xiaomi 8 will become the strongest camera phone for Xiaomi. Currently, mix2s is the strongest camera phone with a DxOMark score of 97. According to another source, Xiaomi 8 will also become the first Android camp to support 3D structured light, and support screen fingerprint recognition.

In the first quarter, the domestic smartphone market's shipment data was poor, and the industry was in a comprehensive de stocking. Changjiang Securities (6.43 - 3.02%, diagnosis unit) pointed out that with the release of Android flagship, new machine sales in the second quarter are expected to drive the industry to recover, a new round of stock preparation in the supply chain is opened, and it is expected that consumer demand and the performance of supply chain enterprises will improve month on month. In addition, the replacement time of Android brands, especially oppo / vivo, is expected to arrive from the end of this year to the first half of next year.

Changjiang Securities believes that consumer electronics is at the bottom of the cycle and upward, and the investment logic should be reshaped around the three clues of cycle, innovation and consumption upgrading.

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Pulutong (15.33-4.37%, diagnosis unit): Xiaomi provides supply chain management services.

Zhuoyi Technology (8.82 suspension, diagnosis unit): Tianjin factory responsible for Xiaomi mobile power supply, its supply has been in a state of continuous increase.

Fenda Technology (9.06 - 3.82%, diagnosis unit): Fenda technology is producing a new soundbar for millet OEM, with an annual output of more than 700000 sets. The company is cooperating with Xiaomi to develop a new soundbar. According to an industry insider close to the company, Xiaomi has placed an order of 60000-70000 units per month for Fenda, which is expected to be used in the new generation of millet TV in May this year.

Kairun shares (42.42-0.56%, diagnosis shares): it has in-depth cooperation with Xiaomi to create the ultimate brand of intelligent travel & quo; 90 points; and has jointly established Shanghai runmi and Shanghai shuomi to sell its own brand products through Xiaomi mall and other e-commerce channels.

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