Air humidity and wind direction

With the implementation of a series of national key projects, the instrumentation industry has gained increasing attention and support from the government
With the implementation of a series of national key projects, the instrumentation industry has gained increasing attention and support from the government. This will make the market value of instrumentation industry increasingly prominent. But for the past year, there have been a lot of great events in the instrument and instrument circle. The CCTV hosts study PM2.5 at their own expense, but the data have been questioned; “ water ten ” the overseas acquisition of domestic instruments; the dark matter detection satellite developed by Chinese scientists; the laboratory safety is very important, fire. Disaster monitoring instrument is essential; instrument and related meetings frequently convened and so on. Next I will bring you together to summarize.

CCTV host Jing Chai released "dome below" data was questioned, the reliability of relevant testing equipment and data is imminent

In March of this year, Jing Chai, the host from CCTV, released a deep public interest survey "Jing Chai haze investigation: under the dome". This piece of publicity, Jing Chai used a lot of data and data to support her conclusion, knowing that a friend's doctoral thesis was just a little related to emission. He looked at it a little wrong, looked up the data, and found that almost every data had problems. The first is to intentionally confuse fog and haze and PM2. 5, the next is the lack of testing range and sensitivity data, air humidity and wind direction conditions, the flow data of the sampling instrument, and the background and time of changing data to form misleading impressions and tamper information. This report comes out, let netizens cry: professional matters or professional people to do it!

Next is the series of problems such as the data counterfeiting of air purifier developed by Xiaomi, the inaccuracy of various environmental testing instruments, and the fraud of monitoring data. In the second half of 2015, the environmental protection departments at all levels found 8 typical illegal cases, all of which had been transferred to public security organs, and 10 responsible persons were detained in criminal or administrative detention. Since January 1, 2016, the Ministry of environmental protection has implemented the methods of judging and handling environmental monitoring data falsification. According to the provisions of the "measures", the Ministry of environmental protection will use a special inspection for two years in the future to strictly check the local environmental monitoring data, especially the false behavior of air quality testing data. It is worthwhile to praise the more rigid clubs, the counterfeiting enterprises, the local environmental protection departments and the local governments.

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